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There exists a certain stigma when it comes to the idea of keeping track of your loved one’s location. People tend to associate it with the negative connotation of stalking or breaching one’s privacy. But honestly, with missing children cases increasing in Malaysia, who’s to say it’s not better to be safe than sorry?

Track Your Family Members' Cell Phone Location for Your Peace of Mind

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You want to make sure that your child is always in the right place at the right time, otherwise worry and panic will take over and cause no end of fright and chaos on both ends of the phone...

Track Your Loved Ones' Driving Journey Without any Call and Text

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No matter where you are in the world, Funa cell phone tracker app has got your back so that your loved ones always know where you are for your safety.

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With the high crime rates in our country, each of us have to be very cautious and alert whether we are in the house or outside the house. Anything can happen nowadays the minute we step out of the house and thanks to some social media, we get to learn how to protect ourselves and avoid getting into trouble...

Big Bad Wolf Books sale finally over liao. At least for this year. Wanna know something funny? The sales venue was so large that Mamarazzi had to resort to this to keep in touch with me. Kept worrying that I might go missing or got kidnapped. Reception for this “toy walkie-talkie” was pretty bad Then Auntie Claire said since I have handphone, why not install FUNA in my phone? FUNA is a family locator apps. It provide REAL-Time update of a family member’s location . The apps even have a SOS alarm. Papa and Mamarazzi can come to my rescue if I trigger the alarm. What’s more is that the apps is FREE.

Whenever I take my daughter to the mall, when she was much younger, she would so love walking up and down the aisles, examining all the toys, clothes and so on as I would look around to find something to buy for her.

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Imagine you're able to locate a friend who is always late for meet-ups, tracking family members knowing they are safe without making unnecessary calls, real time. The future is here, with FUNA - FREE Family Locator App (For Android and iOS), you are able to do just that!

We all have love ones, family members and friends who are close to us. We care for their safety, regardless of their age. And in the same way our love ones care for our safety too.